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Our farm was established in the beginning of the 17'th century. Øien Øvre has been in our family since 1879, as my great-great grandfather came here with his family.
During the years the farm has been modernized and developed according to the changing agricultural policy.
Today we have 40 sheep, 25 horses, 4 dogs, a cat and some hens on the farm.
We also participate in a new modern diary cooperation. One of our most important activities nowadays is private health care services.
My background:
At school I studied economics and have since been working more or less in that field. The latest years I have been occupied with the developement of our farm. I'm a trained instructor in Integrated Riding, and I intend to work by the ideas of Christina Drangel; who established this study. The main issue is to work with the horse, in a biomechanical way.

My interests:
I have always been extremely interested in animals, and especially horses. That is why I took over the farm 15 years ago. My aim is to develope the farm to be our mainbusiness.
Tor Even 

My background: 

I'm a trained technician, but I also  have long experience in working with animals and people. I've been involved in dairy farming for about 10 years and I've been working in healthcare for about 16 years.

My interests:

I've always been interested in dogs, espscially sledgedogs. For more than 20 years I trained sledgedogs for races and sale. The latest years I've replaced the dogs for horses, so nowadays, dogs are just an hobby.


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